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俄罗斯艺术家:亚历山大 朗琴科

Aleksandra Ianchenko


纸上标记笔  60x80cm  2015



                《鸟的牛奶》                                                                         《早餐》

       纸上丙烯  75x50cm  2015     


                       《饼干》                                                                          《约会》

              纸上丙烯  75x50cm  2015              




                      桦木的果汁》                                                               《饼干》

  纸上丙烯  75x50cm  2015         


                             《投票》                                                                《抵押》

          纸上丙烯  75x50cm  2015          

纸上标记笔  20x30cm  2015

纸上丙烯  60x80cm  2015



 纸上丙烯  60x80cm  2015




Aleksandra Ianchenko(Russia):

In my art I try to notice the beauty in my every-day life. Early I preferred to depict 

something unreal, decorative and abstract. But now I think that people who are around

 me are more interesting then imaginary one.Communication is one of the main parts 

of my life. Despite of that fact that the artist most of the time spent on his own of with 

his work only, I always like to be with other people. I like to explore how they behavior

themselves,how they dress, speak and move. I would say that the interaction  with

people,emotions and feelings from it is one of the main sources of my inspiration.


Mostly I like expressing the motives of eating together. When people gather together 

at the same table they produce a special sort of energetic which I try to catch in my 

works. I add some decorative and ornamental details and put familiar people into 

the imaginary simplistic surrounding. Also in this topic I can pay my attention to such 

lovely details like teacups, patterns of tablecloths, furniture curves and so on.


Despite of it my art is a way to understand myself and to reach the harmony with the 

world around. Painting, drawing and creating in general are my daily necessary, I feel 

lost and helpless without it. Depicting myself into the self-portraits and symbolist

images, I construct my own reality and my future. I notice how some of my paintings 

an unconscious drawings have become true sometimes.


The image of the city is another main theme in my art. When I come to the new 

place – new country,new cityor new area whatever – I try to find and depict its image.

Usually it’s short sketches or plein-air works, which comefinished one later. Old 

fashion architecture of European cities, typical buildings of Russian districts and 

wooden houses of Russian countryside are the same interesting and inspiriting for

me. Each city with its own size or location has its unique rhythm, but the human being 

is its main accord. That’s why the heroes of my paintings live in the cities.


People always ask me where I get the inspirations. Usually I answer that the art 

demands more the possibility for realization rather than the inspiration. Mostly I am 

inspired with the creative process itself – with the work at the studio or the variety of 

artistic materials and tools. In addition, my travelling and events around me bring me 

new ideas. The world art also influences on me, especially social realistic works, 

Soviet andPolandold fashion postersand postimpressionism. But the new empty 

canvas can give me the strongest impact for the creative.



【方向 未来 Pulse of the Future】





文章:亚历山大 朗琴科  Aleksandra Ianchenko  


翻译:BYICAA翻译之家  陈嘉慧

BYICAA CSR Research Center

Editor: Hyejin LEE

Article:  Aleksandra Ianchenko  

Text arrangement: Zhirong YANG   

Translation: Translators of BYICAA     Jiahui CHEN




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