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Member of BYICAA Artists / International Artist 会员艺术家/ 国际艺术家

阿斯霍克 达斯
Ashok Das


木炭、丙烯酸、胶带  53x73cm   2014

《尖叫 》  2011
《错误的处理》  2013
《尖叫-1》  2012
《燃烧》  2011 


《黑》  5x6 英尺  2011       
《市场街》  5x6 英尺  2011  
《X》  5x6 英尺  2011




《无耻的嘴唇》  5x6 英尺  2013

《没有嘴唇》  3x4英尺  2013 

《粉红》  4x4英尺  2013

 3x4英尺  2013 


 《烟》  2013
《和平》  2014
《红色》  2013

 《红色》  2013


木炭,纸上丙烯 53x73cm 2014


木炭、纸上丙烯   74x53cm  2013



木炭、纸上丙烯  37x63cm     2015

木炭、纸上丙烯   37x63cm      2015



木炭、纸上丙烯 56x70 cm 


木炭、纸上丙烯  56x72cm   2016


木炭、纸上丙烯  56x72cm   2016


Ashok Das(India):
“Scream” in this painting I try to express violence which also part of

peacefulness and as subject humane face became monster and those

expressions are very aggressive and horrifying, and images are painted

abstract then realistic, Medium used silk screen with charcoal line on 

paper, which look like very careless and aggressiveness.


“Black” in the painting paint as subject a portrait of blind person and his 

felling about life, the painting size is 5x6feet and used acrylic and oil, the

painting dominated by green color and used some decorative motive as 

the beauty of nature.

“Shameless lips” As subject Gandhi’s three monkey with modern social

expression and represent everything as an industrial product....mixed 

with our industrial and adult culture, Some element like ... wine bottle 

and glass, statue of god & goddess. Medium –silk screen, acrylic paint 

and charcoal line. 

 “Smoke” is charcoal drawing on paper and also painted with acrylic 

color,in this drawing a human figure...the figure is more realistic then the 

other painting (“black”, ‘scream series”, “alcoholic series” ).

“Grey” is another series of drawing during  m.f.a 1st year, in this series 

used black charcoal, black acrylic and used little red, as a subject of 

drawing I painted monster kind of figure, the expression is very 

aggressive and horrifying.


My Art works entice the viewer to interact with contemporary scenes from 

the vantage point of an unseen onlooker. This creates a psychological

ambiguity that is emphasized by strong forms and colors. "I am trying to

incorporate the elements of detachment and lack of emotions in my work."

My paintings show my continuing obsession with paint as substance. 

Each piece is built up in numerous layers, thick and thin, transparent 

and opaque-every layer building on the previous and informing the next. 

My ambition is to create memorable aesthetic experiences that are 

visual rather than conceptual. Sometimes I often repeat the same Forms 

but each look same at one time but you can often find difference in each 

when you closely towards each, each has its own expressions sometimes 

I try to paint personal emotion, sometimes as a subject screaming and

horrifying face which painted with aggressive brush work and in my work, 

I deconstruct the human happiness, sadness, Pain, unsatisfied and adul


My medium of works varies from emotions to drawing in charcoal and it 

goes on with Painting in Acrylics like the journey of aggression till it 

reaches love. The whole process which I under took is very spontaneous 

and the works connects me in various way where all are some or the 

other way being its part. The process of getting the real feeling of uneven

journey experience is now a never-ending process to me.

《方向 未来 Pulse of the Future》


文章: 阿斯霍克 达斯  Ashok Das
翻译:BYICAA翻译之家 吕晓宁

BYICAA CSR Research Center
Editor: Hyejin LEE
Article:  Ganesh Chandra Basu   
Text arrangement: Zhirong YANG   
Translation: Translators of BYICAA    Xiaoning LV



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